The realest, deepest blog post. (aka blog#1)

This is it. Here I am, blogging for realz. Two months ago I spent a week in the psych unit. I know *how* to quiet the mind, but even after years of meditation practice, it feels like I won’t ever stop mine from replaying and repeating the days leading up to that week. My focus is truly on the moment now, and each moment brings me to the next. I don’t know where I’ll be in my next moment, but I’m going to give it my full attention. What else can I do?

Yesterday I was taxied by motor boat to my home for five days, a serene yoga ashram tucked away on a gorgeous and quiet beach in the Bahamas. Day two ends more tired than the previous, with three 90-minute intense yoga sessions that divide the long day starting at 5:30 a.m. for meditation and satsang (prayer), programs, gourmet vegan meals, and time in the crystal clear, perfect ocean on the private beach.

Too many incredibly profound things have been discovered to write about tonight, so I will share this – from the “Bouncing Back” program I attended, presented by a clinical psychologist who has researched neuroscience to treat patients enduring trauma, in an effort to shift and help build resilience. As part of our survival response, our brains will always remember negative moments over positive ones. This is why many people repeat patterns and often are stuck in a cycle of unhappiness. However, our brains have the capacity to become re-trained; to replace an automatic or negative memory with a new one. And apparently, I’m combining all the best methods to do just that – starting with simply moving your body in a mindful way. I have a lot to be grateful for.

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